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Amazing Hawaiian Comic Con | Honolulu Event

For fans of comics and Sci-fi, the Amazing Hawaiian Comic Con is a can’t-miss Honolulu Event

Date of Event: August 24, 2018 to August 26, 2018

If a comic or sci-fi enthusiast is looking for an excuse to visit Hawaii, this is it! The annual Amazing Hawaiian Comic Con!

About the Amazing Hawaiian Comic Con:
The Amazing Hawaiian Comic Con has only been around for few years, but it’s already made its mark as a can’t-miss con with all the stars and activities of similar events that have been around for much longer.

Fans of sci-fi and comics will come from all over the world round the country to attend this Honolulu Event. If you want to attend, you should buy your tickets as soon as possible. The event sold out last year, and will surely sell out again in 2017.

It only takes a quick glance at the list of celebrities who are attending to understand why so many fans don’t want to miss it! Dozens of well-known artists, writers, and actors have already committed, and new names are being added as the event draws closer. Among this year’s celebs are William Shatner, Chad Hardin, Alan Tudyk, Mat Nastos, and Todd McFarlane.

Comic Cons are popular all over the country, but the chance to spend time on the gorgeous Island of Oahu sets the Amazing Hawaiian Comic Con apart from the crowd! Ambassador Hotel Waikiki Beach is ideally located near the Hawaii Convention Center—the venue for this Honolulu Event. With some of the best rates on the Island, our Oahu Hotel is a perfect choice for comic con attendees!

The Hawaii Convention Center can accommodate the thousands of fans who will attend the event, and there is plenty of room for the hundreds of vendors, panel discussions, costume contests and other festivities. Those who attend will also have the chance to buy exclusive comic books and other items that won’t be available anywhere else! Check the website for ticket information and pack your sunscreen—don’t miss your chance to attend this exciting Honolulu Event!

As you plan your visit to attend the Amazing Hawaiian Comic Con, take a look at our current list of Special Offers. You can reserve your Guest Room online or by calling 808.941.7777.