Man and Woman Running in a Footrace

35th Great Aloha Run | Honolulu Events

The 35th Annual Hawai'i Pacific Health Great Aloha Run is a road race that takes place in Honolulu, Hawaii to benefit the Carole Kai Charities.

Date of Event: February 18, 2019

Let’s run in paradise!

Carole Aki is Hawaii entertainer and the Honolulu Marathon founder Jack Scaff created the Great Aloha Run in 1985. Since the first run the event has donated over $14 million dollars to 100 non-profit organizations in Hawaii.

Approximately 25,000 runners participate in the 8.15 mile/13.12 km long Great Aloha Run.  This exciting run begins in downtown Honolulu on Nimitz Highway and continues Weston Nimitz Highway and along beautiful Honolulu Harbor and finishes in Aloha Stadium.

The Great Aloha Run is the second largest road race in Hawaii after the Honolulu Marathon.

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