Iolani Palace - an Historic Oahu Attraction

What to do in Honolulu | Historic Oahu FAQs

Guests at our Waikiki Hotel wondering What to Do in Honolulu will find many Oahu Attractions nearby, including several historical sites. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Historic Oahu.

While Pearl Harbor is the most well-known historical Oahu Attraction it is not the only one. Guests at Waikiki Hotels who are wondering What to do in Honolulu can consider visiting some the many historical sites and attractions located nearby. Here are some of the commonly asked questions about historical Oahu Attractions. Planning a stay at our Oahu Hotel?

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Q: What to do in Honolulu: We are interested in visiting some of the historical Oahu Attractions during our stay at your Waikiki Hotel. Could you recommend some of the best?
A: Visiting historical spots is a favorite answer to What to do in Honolulu. There are many such Oahu Attractions near Honolulu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. A few examples of the many popular historical Attractions are Pearl Harbor, Iolani Palace, the Dole Plantation and Plantation Village. Ask the Concierge at our Waikiki Hotel for even more suggestions.

Q: Oahu Attractions: We have booked a room at your Waikiki Hotel and are wondering if guided tours of Pearl Harbor available?
A: Yes! Pearl Harbor is a hugely popular Oahu Attraction near Waikiki Hotels, and there are many ways to explore Pearl Harbor. Some choose a self-guided Tour, but others find a guided tour provides the chance to learn more about this Attraction in Honolulu.

Q: What to do in Honolulu: Is Plantation Village a good Oahu Attraction for children?
A: Absolutely! Plantation Village is an Oahu Attraction near Waikiki Hotels that provides a look at what life was like on a sugar plantation in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is a fun answer to What to do in Honolulu and it offers a chance to see several structures such as houses, offices and more.

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Q: What are some of the Oahu Attractions near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel where we can learn about the history of Oahu?
A: There are many Oahu Attractions that allow guests at Ambassador Hotel – A Waikiki Hotel to learn about the history of Oahu. A few examples are Iolani Palace, the Mission House Museum, Pacific Aviation Museum of Pearl Harbor and Plantation Village. The Polynesian Cultural Center is an Attraction in Oahu where you can learn about the Polynesian cultures of six nations.

Q: Are there any Events near Waikiki Hotels that celebrate the history and people of Oahu?
A: Yes. There are some Events near Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel that celebrate the history and people of Oahu. If you are wondering What to Do in Honolulu then consider some of the Events that mark important Events or people. A few examples of these Events are the Annual Pan Pacific Festival, the Intertribal Powwow, and the Annual Lantern Floating Ceremony. View or Oahu Events Guide to learn more about Oahu Events.

Q: We want to visit Pearl Harbor and other historical Oahu Attractions, but we are staying at your Waikiki Hotel with children. Are these Attractions appropriate for children?
A: Yes. Pearl Harbor is an appropriate Oahu Attraction for children. In fact, some kids find it to be a highlight of their stay at our Waikiki Hotel! There are some hands-on exhibits, and visitors have the chance to lounge in a berthing rack and play with deck gun. Younger kids enjoy exploring the exhibits while many older kids appreciate learning more about things they have read in history text books.

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Q: We are planning What to do in Honolulu during our upcoming stay at your Waikiki Hotel. We heard that Diamond Head Crater has some historical structures at the summit. Is this true?
A: Yes! Diamond Head Crater is home to a historic lighthouse and some bunkers. These can be seen when you reach the summit of the crater. The hike to the summit of this Oahu Attraction is not particularly difficult, but it is steep in some spots. It takes the average visitor about two hours to complete the hike.

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Q: While researching What to do in Honolulu during our upcoming stay at your Waikiki Hotel, we read about Iolani Palace. How far is this Oahu Attraction from Ambassador Hotel?
A: Iolani Palace is the only royal residence in the United States, and it is a popular Oahu Attraction. Iolani Palace is less than 4 miles from Ambassador Hotel, and it is an interesting place to visit during your stay at our Waikiki Hotel.

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