Overhead view of Diamond Head Crater - an Oahu attraction

Oahu Activities | Oahu Hiking FAQs

Hiking is a very popular Honolulu Thing to Do near Oahu Hotels. Below in our 'Oahu Hiking FAQs', are some of the most frequently asked questions about this Oahu Activity.

Our Oahu Hotel is located near some of the best hiking spots in Hawaii. This Oahu Activity is popular with visitors of all ages. One look at the beautiful views from some of the Oahu’s top hiking spots, and it is easy to understand why this Honolulu Thing to Do is a favorite of guests at our Oahu Hotels.

Q: We know hiking a popular Thing to Do on Oahu. Are there many places to hike that are near Ambassador Hotel?
A: Yes! Hiking is a very popular Thing to Do on Oahu. Guests at Ambassador Hotel will find many beautiful places to enjoy this Oahu Activity. Some of the most popular hiking spots are Diamond Head Crater, Manoa Falls, Koko Head Trail and Waikiki Historic Trail. Read more about Hiking on Oahu.

Q: Oahu Activities: Are there places to enjoy hiking near Oahu Hotels for people of various ages and fitness levels?
A: Definitely. Hiking is an Oahu Activity that can be enjoyed by most visitors, and there are trails of varying lengths and difficulty. You’ll find both challenging hikes, such as Olomana Trail, and much easier jaunts, such as Manoa Falls.

Q: Honolulu Things to Do: We enjoy hiking on our own, but we were wondering if guided hiking Tours near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel were available.
A: Guided tours are a popular way to enjoy this Oahu Activity near Oahu Hotels. Half day and full day tours are available at many scenic Oahu locations. There are options for more challenging Hiking tours and more leisurely options for families and those who are new to hiking. Please ask our Concierge about some options for you when you arrive at our hotel.

Q: We plan to enjoy a lot of hiking and other outdoor Oahu Activities during our upcoming stay at your Oahu Hotel. What are some of the most popular spots for hiking on Oahu?
A: There are dozens of popular spots for enjoying this Oahu Activity near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. One of the most recognizable is Diamond Head Crater. This isn’t a particularly difficult hike, but there are some steep spots, including steep steps, so keep that in mind. Hiking Diamond Head Crater is a Honolulu Thing to Do that takes an average of two hours. The gorgeous views once you reach the top are well worth the effort. Other popular hikes include Koko Crater Arch, Eastside Bunker Hike, and Pali Puka.

These examples do not even scratch the surface of the many fabulous trails that are available, so ask the Concierge at our Oahu Hotel for even more suggestions. View this article about Hiking Diamond Head Crater.

Q: We have booked a Guest Room at your Oahu Hotel for our honeymoon, and we’d like to go on some romantic hikes to see waterfalls and other beautiful scenery. Any suggestions?
A: If you’d like an easy hike near Oahu Hotels where you’ll be treated to lovely waterfalls then Manoa Falls is a great choice. Hiking this easy trail is a popular Honolulu Thing to Do. The trail is a bit less than one mile, and at the end is a gorgeous 100-foot waterfall that you may recognize from the TV show Lost or the movie Jurassic Park. Read about more ways to Enjoy the Beautiful Views.

Q: We read that hiking Diamond Head Crater is a popular Honolulu Thing to Do. How long does is typically take for visitors to enjoy this Oahu Activity?
A: Hiking Diamond Head Crater is a popular Oahu Activity near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. Most who enjoy this Honolulu Thing to Do find that the amazing views from the summit are well worth the time it takes to reach the top. The average time to complete this hike is about two hours.

Q: We’re looking for Honolulu Things to Do with kids. Can you recommend some spots to enjoy hiking that would be suitable for kids ages 11 and older?
A: Some of the spots for this Oahu Activity that would be suitable for younger hikers are Koko Crater Arch, Crouching Lion Mini hike, Eastside Waterfall Hike, Pali Puka and Lanipo Trail. The Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail is another good choice for an easier hike. Read about more Kid-Friendly Activities on Oahu.

Q: Honolulu Things to Do: What are some of the companies that offer full-day hiking excursions near Oahu Hotels?
A: A few of the companies that offer this Oahu Activity near Oahu Hotels are Tom Barefoot’s Tours, Discover Hawaii Tours, Hawaii Fun and Oahu Nature Tours. Those who want to enjoy this Honolulu Thing to Do will find that each of these tour companies, along with several others not listed, have many hiking tours from which to choose.

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