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Honolulu Activities | Shopping in Honolulu FAQs

Shopping in Honolulu is a popular Honolulu Activity for guests at our Oahu Hotel. Read some of the most frequently asked questions about Honolulu Shopping.

Whether you want designer goods, a great bargain or a one-of-a-kind antique, Shopping in Honolulu near Oahu Hotels offers just what you desire. Shopping is a hugely popular Honolulu Activity, and there are many Shopping venues located near our Oahu Hotel. Here are some of the questions we get asked most often about Honolulu Shopping. Visit our Oahu Shopping Guide for more information about Honolulu Shopping.

Q: Are there many opportunities for Shopping in Honolulu near Oahu Hotels?
A: Yes! Guests at our Oahu Hotel will enjoy Shopping in Honolulu at many nearby malls, boutiques, antiques stores and even a wonderful swap meet. It’s easy to see why Shopping is a favorite Honolulu Activity. No matter how you like to Shop, you will find the opportunity to take part in some retail therapy within a short distance of Ambassador Hotel.

Q: We’ve booked a room at an Oahu Hotel, and we love antiquing. Can you recommend nearby antique stores?
A: There are many wonderful antiques stores near our Oahu Hotel. Two of the many options for antique Shopping in Honolulu are Antique Alley and T. Fujii Japanese Antiques. Antique Alley features several dealers in one location. You will find all manner of antiques and collectible at this wonderful Shopping venue. As the name implies, T. Fujii Japanese Antiques specializes in quality Japanese items. Learn about Antique Alley and T. Fujii Japanese Antiques.

Q: We’ve heard that Shopping is a popular Honolulu Activity near Oahu Hotels, but we love to bargain shop. Are there are places to get a great deal nearby?
A: If bargain Shopping is on your list of Honolulu Activities then you will find many places to indulge. One example is the Maunakea Marketplace. You’ll find vendors selling all sorts of items including food, souvenirs, clothes, and much more. This is also a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of food. Another must-go place for bargain Shopping guests at our Oahu Hotel is the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.

More than 400 vendors offer up an amazing selection of bargain priced goods. For bargain Shopping in Honolulu near Waikiki Hotels, these are two great places to start. Read more about Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.

Q: What places do you recommend for souvenir Shopping in Honolulu near your hotel?
A: Guests at our Oahu Hotel will find many nearby places for souvenir Shopping in Honolulu. Several stores sell a wonderful selection of locally made clothing, arts, crafts, food and more. Just a few examples of where you can find interesting souvenirs are Hilo Hattie, Blue Hawaii Lifestyle and Hawaiian Island Creations. You can ask the Concierge at Ambassador Hotel for more suggestions.

Q: We’ve booked a room at a Hotel in Honolulu, and we’d like to enjoy some Shopping in Waikiki. Are there any shopping malls near your Oahu hotel?
A: Yes! Guests at Ambassador Hotel – A Waikiki Hotel will be within a short distance of many malls. One, Waikiki Beach Walk, was recently completed and was the result of the largest development project in the city. This is a beautiful mall where you can enjoy gorgeous landscaping and be just steps from the beach while doing some Shopping in Honolulu.

Q: We’ll be staying at your Oahu Hotel and were wondering if you could recommend some spots for Shopping in Honolulu where we will still be able to enjoy the lovely weather?
A: Shopping in Honolulu near Oahu Hotels may not be such a popular Honolulu Activity if there were not options that allowed visitors to stay outside in the perfect Oahu weather. Outdoor Shopping options include brand new retail space at Waikiki Beach Walk and bargain-friendly treasure hunting at Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.

These are only two of many spots to enjoy outdoor Shopping in Honolulu, so ask the Concierge at Ambassador Hotel – A Waikiki Hotel for even more suggestions.

Q: Honolulu Shopping: Is there a place near your Oahu Accommodations where we can grab gear we’ll need for surfing and other Honolulu Activities?
A: Surfing is a popular Honolulu Activity, so you will have no trouble finding the gear you need during a stay at our Oahu Hotel. When Shopping in Honolulu for surf gear, one option is Hawaiian Island Creations. You’ll find board shorts and some other items that you’ll need when spending a day catching waves.

Royal Hawaiian Center is another spot for Shopping in Honolulu near Oahu Hotels. This is one of the largest malls in the state, and includes some surf shops among its many stores.

Q: We’re looking forward to our stay at your Oahu Hotel, and are wondering if you can recommend a nearby marketplace where we can enjoy mingling with the locals.
A: Absolutely! Maunakea Marketplace is a spot for Shopping in Honolulu near Oahu Hotels. Spending time at Maunakea Marketplace is a popular Honolulu Activity for both locals and visitors to Waikiki Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. This spot features hundreds of vendors and many dining options. You’ll also find great bargains at this spot for Shopping in Honolulu.

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