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Waikiki Activities | Oahu Tours FAQs

Many Oahu Tours are available near our Hawaii Hotel. Read through some of these frequently asked questions about this fun Waikiki Activity.

Guests at our Hawaii Hotel can enjoy Oahu Tours of Pearl Harbor, a historical sugar plantation and much more. Learn more about this Waikiki Activity by reading frequently asked questions about this Oahu Thing to Do.

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Q: Waikiki Activities: What are some of the types of Oahu Tours we can expect to find during our stay at your Hawaii Hotel?
A: You will find many types of Oahu Tours near Hawaii Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. Enjoying a Tour is a popular Waikiki Activity, and you’ll find many options including hiking tours, biking tours, helicopter tours, bus tours, Segway tours and boat tours. One type of Oahu Tour that you can’t find just anywhere is the submarine tour. This Honolulu Activity is a great way to explore the underwater world around Oahu.

Q: We are staying at Ambassador Hotel soon and we are both very interested in history. Which Oahu Tour would you recommend if we only have time for one?
A: A Pearl Harbor Oahu Tour is a must for any guest at Ambassador Hotel – A Hawaii Hotel who is interested in history. This Waikiki Activity will take you to several sites including the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri Battleship, Pacific Aviation Museum and Punchbowl National Cemetery.

Q: Oahu Tours: How much time should we set aside if we plan to participate in a Pearl Harbor Tour during our stay at your Waikiki Hotel?
A: How much time you need to enjoy a Pearl Harbor Oahu Tour depends on how many of the sites you plan to visit, and how long you spend at each one. Some people like to browse the exhibits quickly while others like to take their time. Guests at Ambassador Hotel – A Hawaii Hotel who visit Pearl Harbor typically spend at least 2 hours, but some spend an entire day on this Waikiki Activity.

This profile offers more detailed information about Visiting Pearl Harbor.

Q: Waikiki Activities: What are some of the best hiking Oahu Tours that are available near Ambassador Hotel?
A: Several hiking Oahu Tours are available near our Hawaii Hotel. One of the most popular places for hiking on Oahu is Diamond Head Crater. While many guests at Ambassador Hotel – A Hawaii Hotel choose to enjoy this Waikiki Activity on their own, guided hiking tours are also available. Other hiking Tours include hikes of a few hours to a full day, and there are options to suit most ages and fitness levels.

Q: Oahu Tours: We’ve booked a Guest Room at your Hawaii Hotel in January, and we are wondering if that is a good time of year to enjoy a whale watching tour and similar Waikiki Activities?
A: Yes! The best time to enjoy a whale watching Oahu Tour is between December and May. This is the time of year when Humpback whales can be seen. This Waikiki Activity is a favorite of guests at Ambassador Hotel and other Hawaii Hotels.

Q: Oahu Tours: How long does a hiking tour to Diamond Head Crater usually take? Is this a Waikiki Activity that is appropriate for all ages?
A: Hiking Diamond Head Crater typically takes two to three hours. This Waikiki Activity is not appropriate for all ages because parts of the hike are quite steep, including some very steep steps. If you have small children, you can find many other hiking spots near our Hawaii Hotel that are suitable for that age group.

Here is an articles about Hiking Diamond Head Crater if you'd like to learn more about this fun Activity.

Q: We are looking forward to being guests at Ambassador Hotel and we’re wondering if there are any Oahu Tours that focus on the area’s best food.
A: Yes! Oahu Tours that focus on the wonderful food of Oahu are offered by several tour companies near Ambassador Hotel – A Hawaii Hotel. When you participate in a food tour, such as the one offered by Flavor of Hawaii, you will have the chance to learn about the area, the people and the food. One popular Oahu Tour offered by Flavor of Hawaii is their walking food tour.

Guests enjoy this Waikiki Activity, because they are able to spend time outdoors while sampling some of the Island’s best food. Want to learn more abou top Oahu Restaurants? View our Oahu Dining Guide.

Q: We know that LOST and Jurassic Park were filmed in Hawaii. Are there are any Oahu Tours that take guests of your Waikiki Hotel to some of the sites used in these and other productions?
A: Absolutely! The beautiful Island of Oahu has been used in several TV shows and movies, and Oahu Tours that give guests at Hawaii Hotels like Ambassador Hotel the chance to see the exact locations that were used in LOST, Jurassic Park and other productions are a hugely popular Waikiki Activity. Kuala Ranch is another of the most popular attractions for those who want to visit movie locations.   

Q: We want to learn about the culture of the Hawaiian people during our stay at Ambassador Hotel. What Oahu Tours can you recommend for this purpose?
A: Learning about the Polynesian culture is a very popular Waikiki Activity. Several Oahu Tours offer the chance to learn about the culture and history of the Hawaiian people. One popular choice is the Circle Island Tour which allows guests at Hawaii Hotels to see some of the breathtaking sites and learn about Polynesian culture.

When you choose this Oahu Tour, you will visit Diamond Head Crater, Hanauma Bay Lookout, Pali Lookout and beautiful North Shore Beaches. The tour also visits the Dole Plantation and allows for several hours exploring the Polynesian Cultural Center.

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