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Oahu Attractions | Exploring Oahu FAQs

Planning on exploring Oahu during your stay at our Oahu Hotel? Then be sure to read through these frequently asked questions about Waikiki Things to Do and top Oahu Attractions.

Enjoying the many Waikiki Things to Do during a stay at our Oahu Hotel takes a bit of planning. Read through these frequently asked questions about exploring Oahu and be sure to ask our helpful Concierge should you have any other questions about Oahu Attractions.

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Q: Oahu Attractions: Is public transportation available near your Oahu Hotel that provides an easy way to reach some of the top Waikiki Things to Do?
A: Yes! Both trolley and bus service is available near our Oahu Hotel that can quickly and easily transport you to many of the top Waikiki Things to Do. In addition to the public transportation that is available, you can also take advantage of the trolleys that offer pickups at locations throughout Waikiki to take passengers some of the popular spots for Shopping in Waikiki.

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Q: Waikiki Things to Do: We would like to spend some time exploring on foot. Can you suggest some Oahu Attractions that are located within walking distance of Ambassador Hotel?
A: Ambassador Hotel – An Oahu Hotel is conveniently located, so our guests will be able to walk to several Restaurants and to one of the top Oahu Attractions: Waikiki Beach! Diamond Head Crater is less than 2 miles away, and some of our guests walk to that spot to enjoy a hike to the summit of the crater.

Other popular Attractions in Oahu such as the Polynesian Cultural Center, Waikiki Aquarium and the Children’s Discovery Center are a bit further away than most guests would like to walk, but these places can be reached using public transportation, and many top Oahu Attractions are located within a few miles of our Oahu Hotel.

Q: Things to do in Waikiki: We booked a room at Ambassador Hotel and would like to know what types of Oahu Tours are available nearby.
A: Guests at Ambassador Hotel – An Oahu Hotel will find many nearby Waikiki Things to Do, including a variety of tours. Segway tours, helicopter tours, guided hiking tours, bike tours, bus tours and boat tours are few examples. There are tours that focus on history, such as Pearl Harbor Tours, those that allow you to explore nature and tours that provide a bird’s-eye-view of the unforgettable landscape.

Q: Oahu Attractions: What are some of the popular Attractions in Waikiki that are located near Ambassador Hotel?
A: You’ll find popular Attractions in Waikiki near our Oahu Hotel. Whether you want kid-friendly options like the Honolulu Zoo or the Waikiki Aquarium, Shopping venues like Ala Moana Shopping Center or natural Oahu Attractions like Diamond Head Crater, it’s all within a short distance of Ambassador Hotel. Guests who choose our Oahu Accommodations will never find a lack of nearby Waikiki Things to Do!

Q: We love to eat, and we’ve heard that dining out is a very popular Waikiki Thing to Do. Can you recommend some of the must-try Oahu Restaurants located near your Oahu Hotel?
A: Yes, but the list is so long! Our Oahu Hotel is located near many fabulous Oahu Restaurants, and it is easy to understand why dining out is a top Waikiki Thing to Do. Must-try spots include casual dining Restaurants like  Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Tony Romas and along wonderful fine Dining Restaurants including  Roy’s Waikiki and Le Bistro. Other popular Oahu Restaurants near Ambassador Hotel are Lucky Belly,
Chart House and Duke’s Waikiki.

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Q: Oahu Bars: What are some of the Bars in Oahu that are located near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A: There is no shortage of places to enjoy a drink during your stay at our Oahu Hotel. Some of the popular Bars in Oahu near Oahu Hotels are The Yard House, Lewer’s Lounge, O Bar
and Mai Tai Bar Ala Moana. Mai Tai Bar is a favorite of both locals and guests at our Oahu Accommodations. This Bar has been voted best live music and best happy hour for many years in a row, so this is a great pick when you want to enjoy a drink with the locals.

Q: Oahu Beaches: We’re very excited to visit some of the Oahu Beaches. We know Waikiki Beach is just a short walk from Ambassador Hotel. What other beaches do you recommend we see during our stay?
A: As many as you can! Each of the Oahu beaches near our Oahu Hotel has something special to offer. Whether it’s scenic views, calm waters that are perfect for swimming or the North Shore beaches that offer massive waves for experienced surfers, every one of the beautiful beaches on Oahu are worth seeing. Waikiki Beach is a perfect choice for a relaxing day at the beach.

If you’d like to watch some impressive surfing then head to the North Shore to Waimea Bay or Sunset Beach. Hanauma Bay is a perfect choice for snorkeling, while Makapuu Beach is a favorite for bodysurfing. For sheer beauty, consider Ala Moana Park Beach. Many say this is one of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu.

Q: Oahu Accommodations: Can the Concierge at Ambassador Hotel help me by suggesting Oahu Attractions and Waikiki Things to Do?
A: Absolutely! The staff at Ambassador Hotel know all there is to know about Oahu Attractions and Waikiki Things to Do. They will be more than happy to suggest Attractions based on your interests, help you book Tours, and offer advice about where to enjoy a variety of outdoor Activities during your stay at our Oahu Hotel. The helpful Concierge is only one of the many reasons to choose Ambassador Hotel.

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