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Waikiki Attractions | Kid-Friendly Attractions FAQs

Staying at our Oahu Hotel with children? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Honolulu Things to Do with kids.

Families staying at our Oahu Hotel are thrilled to learn how many wonderful kid-friendly Honolulu Things to Do are located nearby. Read through some of these frequently asked questions about family-friendly Waikiki Attractions. You can also view or Oahu Attractions Guide where you will find useful information about several of the top Waikiki Attractions.

Q: Honolulu Things to Do: We’ve booked a Guest Room at Ambassador Hotel and are wondering if there are any kid-friendly Waikiki Attractions nearby?
A: Absolutely! There are many kid-friendly Waikiki Attractions located near our Oahu Hotel. Some of the best Honolulu Things to Do, such as swimming with dolphins and surfing school, can be tailored for young visitors. Fun Attractions in Waikiki near Honolulu Hotels such as the Honolulu Zoo, Sea Life Park and the Waikiki Aquarium are also located near Ambassador Hotel.

Q: Waikiki Attractions: How far is Ambassador Hotel and other top Oahu Hotels from Children’s Discovery Center?
A: Ambassador Hotel – An Oahu Hotel is less than 3 miles from Children’s Discovery Center and other top Waikiki Attractions. If you’re visiting with children, be sure to set aside an afternoon to enjoy the hands-on exhibits offered at this fun Honolulu Thing to Do. One of the best features of our Oahu Hotel is our convenient location. Another is our lovely Guest Rooms. See Photos of our Hotel.

Q: Are the Oahu Accommodations offered by Ambassador Hotel a good choice for families with children?
A: Yes! Our Oahu Hotel has amenities that are perfect for families. Guests at Ambassador Hotel will enjoy in-room kitchens, so if the kids feel like sleeping in one day, you‘ll be able to prepare a quick breakfast and be ready to start your day! Flat screen TVs and the Hotel’s close proximity to top kid-friendly Waikiki Attractions make us a perfect choice for families. Want to learn more about family-friendly Things to Do near our Oahu Hotel? Read this helpful article on the Top 7 Things to do With Kids on Oahu.

Q: We know that surfing lessons are a popular Honolulu Thing to Do. Are there lessons available to children near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel?
A: Yes! This Honolulu Thing to Do is available even for young children. Some are surprised to learn that you don’t even need to know how to swim to enjoy this Activity near our Oahu Hotel. Some of the surf schools offer lessons in very shallow water, and this type of surf school is perfect for families with children or for visitors of any age who can’t swim.

Q: Things to do in Oahu: We booked a room at Ambassador Hotel and would like to enjoy a kid-friendly tour to see some of the most popular Waikiki Attractions. Any suggestions?
A: Plenty! Participating in tours is a fun Honolulu Thing to Do. It’s a great way to explore the Island, and many of the tours offered near our Oahu Hotel are perfect for kids. Whale watching excursions and other boat tours are very popular with young visitors. Tours that explore historical sites such as Pearl Harbor are also appropriate for some children. Bike tours, hiking tours, submarine tours and helicopter tours are just some of the many tours available near Ambassador Hotel, and most tour companies have options that are appropriate for children. Feel free to ask the staff at our Oahu Hotel for more information about kid-friendly Tours in Honolulu!

Q: We’ve heard that the Waikiki Aquarium is one of the top Waikiki Attractions for kids. How far is this Honolulu Thing to do from our Oahu Accommodations at Ambassador Hotel?
A: The Waikiki Aquarium is a Waikiki Attraction for kids located near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel. Visiting this Attraction is a popular Honolulu Thing to Do, and the Aquarium is located about two miles from our Oahu Hotel.

Q: Honolulu Things to Do: We’re not expecting any rainy days during our stay at Ambassador Hotel, but could suggest a couple of indoor Waikiki Attractions for kids just in case?
A: Of course! You’ll find a number of indoor Honolulu Things to Do near our Oahu Hotel. The Children’s Discovery Center and the Waikiki Aquarium are two indoor Waikiki Attractions for kids. The Bishop Museum also offers fun Activities such as watching the staff make lava or enjoying a show in the Museum’s planetarium.

Q: Waikiki Attractions: We’d like to teach our kids about Polynesian culture during our stay at Ambassador Hotel – An Oahu Hotel. Is a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center an appropriate Honolulu Thing to Do with children?
A: Definitely! Even if you’d rather not bring your children to the evening luau, the day experiences offered at this Waikiki Attraction are a lot of fun for visitors of all ages. You’ll explore 6 Pacific cultures by visiting recreated villages and mingling with people from Tonga, Tahiti, Marquesas, Fiji and other nations. Fun Activities such as canoe races, fire making, canoe tours, and more offer something for children – and adults – of all ages and make a visit here a popular Honolulu Thing to Do. Click this link to learn more about the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Q: Do any of the nearby museums and other Waikiki Attractions near top Oahu Hotels have educational programs for children?
A: Several Waikiki Attractions near Oahu Hotels like Ambassador Hotel have programs for children. The Waikiki Aquarium, the Honolulu Zoo are examples of the Attractions in Honolulu that offer special educational programs for children.