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April 12, 2021
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Oahu Things to Do: What Does it Cost to Visit Oahu

Are you wondering how much it will cost you to visit Oahu? This Oahu Travel Blog article, ‘What Does it Cost to Visit Oahu,’ gives you realistic examples of what you can expect to pay for transportation, food, entertainment and sightseeing on the island of Oahu.

These are unusual times we find ourselves living in, with restrictions being put in place and lifted with little notice, so please be sure to confirm operating hours before visiting any of the attractions or venues mentioned in this article.

Knowing realistic prices for transportation, food, entertainment and sightseeing is the best way to ensure an enjoyable trip to Oahu. No one wants to be surprised by the cost of things once they get to their destination. Most Oahu travelers have set aside a specific amount of money for their vacation and they want to make sure that they can have a good time within that budget. This Oahu Travel Blog article, ‘What Does it Cost to Visit Oahu,’ will help you plan and budget for your trip.

Our latest Oahu Travel Blog article, ‘What Does it Cost to Visit Oahu,’ is not a guide on how to visit Hawaii for cheap. Rather, it offers examples of what average visitors spend on an Oahu vacation.

Many travel experts suggest that you should budget around $266 per person for a trip to Hawaii. Of course, you can do Oahu on the cheap. And you can certainly splurge on everything when you visit Hawaii. But this average daily expenditure is a good idea of what many visitors pay for a thoroughly enjoyable time on the island.

An average daily price for a Hawaiian vacation typically does not include airfare or hotel, but rather it provides a helpful number for travelers who want to know about prices for meals, transportation, entertainment and things to do on Oahu. 

Depending on when you travel to Oahu, you might find better deals on transport or sightseeing, or you may encounter greater expenses. Keep in mind that December through March is peak season in Hawaii, which means you may see prices go up on nearly everything. Weekend activities also tend to cost more than mid-week excursions.

So, how much money do you need to visit Oahu? Read this guide to help you plan your trip and to get a good idea on costs for your upcoming visit. We have broken our guide down into categories to make it even easier for you to budget.

Getting and from the Airport:

There are many ways to get from the airport to your hotel.

Bus - Oahu’s shuttle services, which run to and from the airport, typically cost $16 per person, per ride.

Uber - Uber rides into Honolulu will cost you at least $40 plus tip, per car.

Taxi - Hail a taxi to get to Waikiki and pay around $40 per ride.

Private Car - Car rentals on Oahu average $50 per day (not including gas and insurance).


Food on Oahu:

Meal prices on Oahu vary, but most visitors spend about $42 per day. Sit-down restaurants will cost you more than on-the-go and take-out options.


Food trucks - Food trucks often offer some of the cheapest (and tastiest) options for dining on Oahu. Many of these trucks offer a complete meal, with a main dish and drink, for $15.

Grocery stores - If you want to travel cheap, hit the supermarkets for good local products at prices that are significantly less than you will find at restaurants. Expect to pay $5 for a pineapple or other exotic piece of fruit.

Farmer’s markets - There are many farmers markets around the island. You can pick up fresh fruit for roughly $2 per piece.


Burgers - Head to The Counter Honolulu for a signature or custom burger ($13.50 to $16.50).

Pizza - What it Dough (Honolulu) serves up wood-fired pizzas for about $18 per pie.

Vegan - Tane Vegan (Honolulu) is a modern izakaya Japanese restaurant offering miso soup for $4, Ceviche for $12 and Roasted Garlic Miso Ramen for $15.

Dessert - Grab shave ice on Oahu for about $5 to $8.


Steak - Expect to pay $70 per person for a meal at Ruth’s Chris Steak House (Honolulu).

Sushi - Dive into a sushi roll at Doraku Sushi (Honolulu), but budget at least $50 per person for sushi, drinks and dessert.

Italian - An authentic Italian meal at Assaggio (Honolulu) will contain only the finest ingredients, so expect to pay $70 per person for food, drinks and dessert.


Entertainment on Oahu: 

Entertainment and activities on Oahu will set you back about $22 per person, per day.

Luau - Experience a luau at Paradise Cove for $107 per person. Chief’s Luau admission is $140 per person.

Concert - See a concert on Oahu for as little as $35 at smaller venues. 

Night Club - Expect cover charges of at least $15 during the week, and $30 on the weekends, at Oahu nightclubs.


Getting Around Oahu:

Taxis on Oahu cost significantly more than public transportation. The average visitor spends $17 per day on transportation costs in Hawaii.

Taxi - Grab a taxi to get around Honolulu and you may only pay around $8. Ride to another part of the island, however, and expect a fare of at least $40.

Bus - TheBus is Oahu’s public bus transportation system, and it costs $5 per day for a daily ticket.

Uber - Uber rides around Waikiki start at about $10. Expect to part with at least $40 to take an Uber to the North Shore.

Bike Rental - Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales offers bike rentals in Waikiki. Rates start at $15 for 4 hours, for a comfort hybrid cycle.

Car Rental - Car rental rates on Oahu are, at cheapest, $25 per day (depending on the type of vehicle you choose). Most travelers pay about $50 per day to rent a car. Keep in mind, gas for that car will run you roughly $3.80 per gallon (but it’s often easier to get to Oahu’s North Shore by car so the fee is worth it).


Sightseeing on Oahu:

Some of Oahu’s most popular attractions are quite inexpensive, while others may put a good-sized dent into a traveler’s budget.

Pearl Harbor - Tickets to Pearl Harbor’s museums range from $12 to $27. You can visit the Memorial for free.

Byodo-in Temple - Admission to Byodo-in Temple is $5 per adult and $2 per child.

Iolani Palace - There are several options for touring Iolani Palace. Most tours run $24.95, an audio tour costs $11.95 and a White Glove Tour will set you back $79.95.

State parks and beaches - Oahu’s state parks and state beaches generally charge $5 per day, per car (think Diamond Head).

National parks - National parks on Oahu usually cost at least $30 to enter, for a 1-day, 1-vehicle pass.


Beverages & Bars on Oahu: 

The average person spends roughly $5.50 per day on coffee on Oahu and the same amount on alcoholic beverages. Remember, it is customary to tip at least 15% per meal (depending on the quality of service) in Hawaii.

Coffee - Grab coffee at Brew & Foam Waikiki Coffee House for about $5. Expect to pay about $3 for a basic coffee at Kona Coffee Purveyors (Honolulu).

Beer and Cocktails - A libation at Bevy (Honolulu) runs around $12, and shareable cocktails start at $22. At Duke’s Waikiki, enjoy a $15 drink in the Barefoot Bar.


Oahu Tours:

You have hundreds of options for Oahu tours. Here are some of the most popular tours on the island.

Helicopter Tour - Take to the skies on a helicopter tour of Oahu but pay about $265 per ticket first (many visitors enjoy the Isle Sights Unseen 45-Minute Oahu Helicopter Tour).

Submarine Tour - Explore the deep sea on an Oahu Atlantis Submarine Adventure, which costs $129 for the least-expensive package. Alternatively, the Oahu Submarine Scooter Adventure starts at $108 per person.

Harbor Tour - Oahu’s Turtle Canyon Catamaran Snorkel Cruise will cost you about $97. 

Dinner Cruise - Take a Star Casual Sunset & Show Cruise off the coast of Oahu for $115 per person. A Whale-Watching Cruise, with optional breakfast or lunch, begins at $42.

We hope our latest Oahu Travel Blog article, ‘What Does it Cost to Visit Oahu,’ has given you a good idea on what you should budget for a memorable trip to Oahu.

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