Diamond Head Crater - A Popular Oahu Attraction
February 27, 2018
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Jana Free

Experience the Top 6 Oahu Hikes Near Our Waikiki Hotel

Beginning, intermediate and experienced hikers find great beauty and make magical memories in these spots for the Best Oahu Hiking.

Oahu hiking trails provide access to some of the best views on the island. With minimal effort, or great exercise if you’re up for it, you can visit pristine places that are simply postcard perfect. All of these spots for sightseeing and experiencing Oahu’s beauty are within easy access of our Waikiki Hotel.

When you’re looking for Oahu Activities that give you a snapshot of how gorgeous our island is, head to these hiking trails:

1. Diamond Head Hiking
Many find the Diamond Head hiking trail one of the Best Oahu Hiking destinations. Maybe it’s because this trail offers an up-close experience with one of our most famous attractions. Discovering majestic Diamond Head via a hike is something that memories are made out of. The view from the top of Diamond Head is truly spectacular. It’s actually the longest land view recorded in the world. The trek to the pinnacle of Diamond Head takes just about a half hour. You’ll often see children and seniors traveling the trail to the peak. It’s that easy!

With minimal effort, or great exercise if you’re up for it, you can visit pristine places that are simply postcard perfect.

2. Hike to Makapuu Lighthouse
The 1-mile hike to Makapuu Lighthouse is fairly simple, with just a bit of a challenge for some coming at the area around Makapuu Peak. The prize at the end, though, is worth any minor difficulties. Stunning vistas of the Makapuu Lighthouse and beach (a great boarding beach), along with views of the Windward coast and Rabbit island, await. You can also see our neighboring islands, Lanai and Molokai, from the top of this trail.

3. Kaiwa Ridge Trail - Lanikai Pillbox Hike
The Kaiwa Ridge Trail is a fun trail that begins in a residential neighborhood and quickly inclines a quarter mile to the Lanikai Pillbox. The viewing area at the top looks out onto pristine and perfect Lanikai Beach (lounging on the sand here is another of the top Oahu Activities near our hotel). If you’re up for more movement, keep going on the Kaiwa Ridge Trail to the next pillbox, which only adds a few minutes to your hike and brings the entire one-way journey to a little less than a half hour.

Woman taking photos from Lanikai Pillbox - a popular Oahu hike.
Capture stunning photos during a Lanikai Pillbox hike. 

4. Koko Crater Trail
Hikers who want to conquer a huge hill climb the Koko Crater Trail. If you’re considering this trail, keep in mind that it has conquered many hikers. The Koko Head steps (all 1,050 of them) are an intense challenge, but presented at the top is a rewarding and highly memorable panoramic view of the surrounding area including Koko Marina, Hanauma Bay and Sandy Beach.

5. Ehukai Pillbox Hike
The Lanikai Pillbox hike on Oahu often gets the most traffic and fame, but there’s another pillbox hike that’s a sleeper you won’t want to miss. Somewhat-quiet, the Ehukai Pillbox Hike - also called the Sunset Pillbox Hike - takes you 30 minutes toward some of the best views on the North Shore of Oahu. Hike the trail behind Sunset Elementary School to the second pillbox for outstanding scenery and a moderate workout.

6. Kaena Point
Discover “untouched Oahu” at Kaena Point, one of the Best Oahu Hiking locales that will leave you feeling joyously isolated and removed from any signs of civilization. You’ll see a few abandoned cars scattered here and there as well as an old railroad track preserved along the way. But other than that, you’re experiencing Oahu the way our ancestors did. Surreal and transforming!

Remember that our island sometimes experiences extreme temperatures during the day. And, of course, there’s a lack of adequate light after sunset. So, it’s best to start hikes early in the morning to stay safe. Make sure you bring plenty of water on your hiking adventures to safely enjoy your experience.  It’s also a good idea to check in with someone before you leave for your hike on Oahu, so there will be someone looking out for your return. Contact our hotel staff to get more information about hiking near our Waikiki Hotel.

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