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December 11, 2017
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Cindy L. Smith

Oahu Attractions: 7 Little Known Pearl Harbor Facts

Enjoy these interesting facts about Pearl Harbor as you plan your visit.

For many guests who stay at our Waikiki Hotel, a visit to Pearl Harbor is on the itinerary. This historic Oahu Attraction welcomes nearly 2 million visitors each year. As you plan your stay at Ambassador Hotel and Pearl Harbor, read over these interesting facts to learn a bit about this Honolulu Attraction.

Many people know the broader history of what took place at Pearl Harbor in 1941, but below are a few of the lesser-known facts about the history and tragedy of this iconic location.

7 Little-Known Facts about Pearl Harbor:

USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor
USS Missouri - Visit the USS Missouri and other historic attractions at Pearl Harbor. 
  1. The USS Arizona’s band was getting ready to play for the daily flag raising ceremony when the attack occurred. Every member of the band quickly moved to their battle positions. Sadly, none of the band members survived.
  2. Some of the crewmembers who served on the ships stationed at Pearl Harbor during the attacks have chosen to have their ashes scattered above the ships. The navy began allowing this in 1982, and dozens have elected this option since that time.
  3. Many are familiar with the ships that remain at Pearl Harbor. What some do not know is that some of the ships that were sunk that day were eventually returned to active duty in the navy. These include the USS West Virginia and the USS California.
  4. Bullets sprayed not only the ships but also the buildings found on the military installations. Today, that damage can still be seen in some of the buildings and other installations such as Wheeler Army Airfield, Hickam Army Air Field, and Schofield Barracks. While it would have easy to repair the damage, the decision was made to leave the damage visible as a way to remember the many who died that day.
  5. During the government shutdown in 2013, there was no one to take care of the memorials and surrounding grounds. Troops that were stationed near the Oahu Attraction quietly took over the tasks, taking care of the lawns and handling other tasks as a way to honor those whose final resting place is Pearl Harbor.
  6. The most recognizable feature of Pearl Harbor is the USS Arizona Memorial. This memorial’s unique design appears to sag in the middle. The intention of this design was to show “initial defeat and ultimate victory.” While the memorial sits atop the USS Arizona, it is now seen as a way to pay homage to all who lost their lives that day.
  7. The number of people who died aboard the USS Arizona is heartbreaking: 1,177. Equally touching is the fact that among those numbers was 37 sets of brothers. This means that some families had to deal with losing multiple loved ones as a result of the attacks.

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