Wreck on the ocean floor
March 5, 2018
| by
Cindy L. Smith

4 Wreck Diving Destinations

SCUBA divers from around the world come to enjoy this exciting Oahu activity!

Some of the guests that stay at our Oahu Hotel want nothing more than to lounge on our beautiful beaches, work on their tans, and catch up on some reading while sipping of frosty drinks with little umbrellas. Others, however, have more adventurous intentions! SCUBA divers come to Hawaii to visit some of the local attractions that exist deep below the ocean’s surface. Many wrecks can be found off of Oahu and they are popular destinations for SCUBA divers from around the world. SCUBA certified? Here are 4 of the wrecks you could visit:

  1. YO-257
    This wreck site boasts lots of beautiful coral. The marine life is abundant, and divers say there is a very large turtle who doesn’t seemed fazed when the humans stop by to say hello. This wreck was purposely sunk in 1989. It rests at 97’ and has a gorgeous swim-through adorned with coral.
  2. Sea Tiger Wreck
    This spot for Oahu Wreck Diving has plenty of chances for penetration, but only those with proper experience should try it. This wreck is so big that it would be easy to get lost in it, so trying to go in without knowing what you’re doing could be very dangerous. The penetration points on this wreck, which sits at 120’, include the bridge, the cargo hold, and mid ship.
  3. LCU – Landing Aircraft Utility
    This wreck sits upside down at about 85’ and is encircled by an artificial reef. A stunning array of marine life spends time here including reef sharks, eels, and much more.
  4. Corsair Airplane
    Plane wrecks are rather rare, so divers get excited about the chance to explore this one. It sunk in 1946 when the pilot had mechanical issues and decided to ditch it. It sits at a depth of 107’ and is home to plenty of marine life.
SCUBA diving off of Oahu
SCUBA diving is a popular Oahu activity.

This Oahu activity is offered by several companies including:

Living Ocean SCUBA – Tel: 808.436.3483

Island Divers – Tel: 808.423.8222

Honolulu SCUBA – Tel: 808.220.0577

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