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October 30, 2017
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Cindy L. Smith

Oahu Things to do: Visit International Market Place

It's finally open! Oahu's new International Market Place is finally open! This Oahu Visitor Blog article, 'Oahu Things to do: Visit International Market Place' introduces you to the newly renovated landmark.

Anyone who visited Oahu between 1956 and 2014 most likely spent some time wandering through the International Market Place. Prior to closing for an extensive renovation, the International Market Place was one of the most popular Oahu Attractions. Visitors from around the world would go in search of inexpensive souvenirs that were hand crafted by local artists. Happily, the International Market Place reopened in August of 2016, but it isn’t the same as what past visitors will remember.

This Oahu Visitor Blog article, 'Oahu Things to do: Visit International Market Place' let's you know what's new at this beloved Oahu landmark.

For just about 60 years, locals and guests at Honolulu Hotels knew they could always find a great bargain when they visited the International Market Place, which was an open-air market. Today, visitors to the Oahu attraction will find 3 stories of high-end shops along with several dining options. The $475 million renovation attracted stores such as Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, and Christian Louboutin to occupy some of the 375,000 square-feet of retail space.

While this Oahu Attraction is no longer the bargain-hunter-friendly spot it once was, you can still find a few of places within the new International Market Place to purchase original souvenirs during your stay at our Honolulu Hotel. Island Art & Sole and Sand People are examples of the stores where locally-created arts and crafts can be found.

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From fun souvenirs and beach gear to find antiques and designer clothes, you'll love the impressive shopping opportunities!

In addition to a place to do some serious Shopping in Hawaii, you can also enjoy a great meal at 1 of the 7 signature Restaurants located at the International Market Place. Among the dining options are Kona Grill, Stripsteak, Herringbone, and Eating House 1849 by Roy Yamaguchi. The old International Market Place wasn’t just about Shopping, and the proprietors of the updated version of this Oahu Attraction hope to replicate that by holding regular Events and offering entertainment.

Each night, just after sundown, you can watch the ceremonial lighting of the Lamaku Torch Tower. Following the lighting, visitors can enjoy a performance of Polynesian song and dance. Another Event is the Grand Lanai Happy Hour, which takes place daily from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. During Happy Hour, you can enjoy special prices on drinks and select pupus. As you plan your visit, check the International Market Place’s website for a current list of events.

One feature of this Oahu Attraction that will be familiar to past visitors is the 160-year-old banyan tree. The tree was the centerpiece of the old International Market Place, and the owners worked to make sure that would also be the case after the renovation. The tree was preserved and then the entire court was planned around it. Even if you loved the old Market Place, the newly-updated version is definitely worth seeing.

Add a visit to the new International Market Place to your itinerary during your stay at our Honolulu Hotel. You’ll find plenty of parking, and valet parking is also available. If you plan on enjoying some shopping, then take a few minutes to browse our Oahu Shopping Guide and Shopping FAQs for more information on the other nearby shopping destinations. 

This Oahu Visitor Blog article, 'Oahu Things to do: Visit International Market Place' has just given you the highlights of what you can expect to see at the new, International Market Place, obviously, you really need to visit Oahu to see all the exciting changes in person.  Don't you agree? 

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