Oahu Luau and Hula Dancer
March 10, 2021
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Maria Mancuso

Oahu Things to do: Best Luau’s on Oahu

This Oahu Travel Blog article, ‘Oahu Things to do: Best Luau’s on Oahu,’ gives you a guide to a few of the best, most popular Oahu Luau’s you could consider for your upcoming visit to Oahu.

These are unusual times we find ourselves living in, with restrictions being put in place and lifted with little notice, so please be sure to confirm operating hours before visiting any of the Luau's mentioned in this article.

No visit to Hawaii would be complete without enjoying an authentic Luau! The amazing music, dancers, storytelling, oh yeah, and the food! The delicious food!

This Oahu Travel Blog article, ‘Oahu Things to do: Best Luau’s on Oahu’ highlights a few of the top Luau’s on Oahu!  Luaus vary in production quality, the amount and type of food, costs and more.  This guide is meant to help you choose the best Luau for you and your guests.

What is a Luau?

The traditional Luau is a Polynesian ritual that serves as a social gathering that celebrates an important event, a war victory or major achievement.  Luau’s bring together various parts of the community, dancers, cooks, singers and delicious food including; Poi, Kalua Pig, Lomi Salmon, Opihi, Poke, and drinks like Beer and more.  More modern Luaus will include food items like Kimchi, BBQ, and other popular items.

An important part of a Luau includes great storytelling with dancers, Hula dancers, singers and Fire Dancers.  More modern touches include an entertaining Host who is a big part of the presentation as the entertainment transitions throughout the show.

Some elements of the Luau may seem cliché only because you may have a preconceived perception of what a Luau is, and some of your perceptions may prove true, (yes, you may be invited to join the dancers on stage to perform your best dance) but the spirit, tradition and the message of the Luau is meant to celebrate the family, Hawaii, Polynesian culture, fun and tradition.  

Regardless of the Luau you choose, we are certain that you will enjoy the show…and the food! 

Which Oahu Luau should you choose?

Luau’s come in all shapes, sizes and prices.  Also, the location may play a role in your decision making so be sure to check the time of the Luau and allow for travel time from your hotel to the Luau.  

Below are just a few of the Oahu Luau’s you can choose from during your visit:

1.    Polynesian Cultural Center – Ali’i Luau
Location: 55-373 Kamehameha Highway, Suite 1010, Laie, HI 96762
Website: Visit Polynesian Cultural Center Website    
Telephone: 808-293-2068
Distance from Ambassador Waikiki Hotel: 34.3 Miles

The Polynesian Cultural Center has been voted the #1 paid attraction in Hawaii.  The Polynesian Cultural Center is much more than a Luau.  The grounds cover 42 acres of beautiful trees, foliage, 6 Pacific Island villages and a variety of shows, demonstrations, music and dance.  

The Luau at Polynesian Cultural Center features over 100 performers, Hula and Fire Dancers and other entertainers.  The food served at the Ali’I Luau is a combination of authentic island dishes and delicious mainland cuisine.  

Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center Website link above for the latest show times, special offers and prices for this award-winning Oahu Luau.

2.    Paradise Cove Luau
Location: 92-1089 Alii Nui Drive, Kapolei, HI 96707
Website: Visit the Paradise Cove Luau Website    
Telephone: 808-842-5911
Distance from Ambassador Waikiki Hotel: 28 Miles

Located on the beautiful ocean front grounds of the Ko Olina Resort, the Paradise Cove Luau is set on a 12-acre estate where the amazing Luau supper and entertainment is presented to sell out audiences throughout the week.  The entertainment includes dance and music from a number of different Polynesian culture including Hawaiian, Tahiti, Samoa and Aotearoa (New Zealand).

The hosts of the Luau do a masterful job of guiding the entertainment, dancers and performers along with humor and insight into the Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures.  Visit the Paradise Cove Website link above for information on show times, special offers and prices for this oceanfront Oahu Luau.

Fire Dancer at an Oahu Luau
Expert Hula Dancer and Fire Dancers are just part of the entertainment at these great Oahu Luau's.

3.    Waikiki Starlight Luau
Location: 2005 Kalia Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815
Website: Visit the Waikiki Starlight Luau Website
Telephone: 808-941-5828
Distance from Ambassador Waikiki Hotel: .7 Miles

An authentic Luau under the stars, Lei greeting and performed in the round? Yes, please.  Guests of the Waikiki Starlight Luau are presented with an entertaining, and sometimes humorous trip across the Seven Seas celebrating the food, history and culture of Polynesia.

The Waikiki Starlight Luau is unique because the performances take place on a stage, ‘in the round’ so there is not a bad seat in the house.  Guests enjoy Hula Kahiko dancers, Fire Dancers, acrobats and wonderful music. 

Visit the Waikiki Starlight Luau Website link above for the latest information on show times, special offers and prices for this open air, Oahu Luau.

4.    Aha’aina Luau
Location: 2259 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815
Website: Visit the Aha’aina Luau Website 
Telephone: 808-923-7311
Distance from Ambassador Waikiki Hotel: .6 Miles

The Aha’aina Luau is Waikiki’s only beachfront Luau and dinner show presenting a memorable evening celebrating the Hawaiian and Polynesian culture on the grounds of the Royal Hawaiian Resort. The Aha’aina Luau is an homage to ‘Helumoa’ the royal playground where the Royal Hawaiian Resort was built.

The Royal Hawaiian’s ‘Aha‘aina is a lavish epicurean journey that features amazing Hula Dancers, acrobats, Fire Dancers and other entertainers. For the latest information, offers and rates for attending the Aha’aina Luau, visit the Website link above.

This latest Oahu Travel Blog article, ‘Oahu Things to do: Best Luau’s on Oahu’ highlights only 4 of the top Oahu Luau’s for you to consider enjoying during your next visit to Oahu.

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