Woman snorkeling among colorful fish
February 5, 2019
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Maria Mancuso

3 More Things to do when Visiting Oahu’s North Shore

There is an almost endless list of things to do during your visit to Oahu, this is a list of “3 More Things to do when Visiting Oahu’s North Shore.”

Oahu’s North Shore offers many things to do during a visit to Oahu’s North Shore. There is something for everyone; Snorkeling, relaxing on one of the beautiful North Shore beaches, dining in and around the famous surfing town of Haleiwa, watching the giant waves (during Winter months) at Sunset, Banzai and Pipeline Beaches.

This article, ‘3 More Things to do when Visiting Oahu’s North Shore’ introduces just a few more of the activities that you can expect to experience when you visit to the North Shore of Oahu!

3 More Things to do when Visiting North Shore on Oahu:

1.  Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center:

The Polynesian Cultural Center not only features one of the most entertaining Luau’s on all the Hawaiian Islands. This is not as authentic as a family Luau, but the entertainment and cultural educational aspect of a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center should not be missed.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is situated on 42 acres of beautiful, lush land. The Polynesian Cultural Center presents singing and authentic Hawaiian dancing on a Canoe Pageant, IMAX Theater and many activities and demonstrations that show the history of Hawaiian Islands.

The Polynesian Cultural Center offers a great Luau with entertainment of course, with delicious roasted pig from an underground fire pit and a spectacular night show with a cast of 100 performers including Hula Dancers, Fire Dancers, singers, and other traditional entertainers.

Included in the price of the Luau is a daily showing of, ‘Ha: Breath of Life’ a spectacular live production that illustrates life on a Polynesian island.

Plate of shrimp and rice
You'll love the food choices on the North Shore.

2.   Enjoy lunch at one of the delicious Shrimp Trucks:

O.k., we saved this for last because if you have enjoyed only a couple of the activities on this list, then you are hungry and there is no better place to satisfy that hunger than a plate lunch of Garlic Shrimp, salad and Rice.

Due to the crazy success of the Shrimp Trucks over the years, there are more and more of them appearing along the road to North Shore.  We happen to prefer the original ‘Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck’, but hey, that’s us.  There are plenty to choose from.

Some of the Shrimp Trucks serve several various dishes but the ONE dish that you must try is the Garlic Shrimp lunch plate.  Be prepared to wait in line for your meal regardless of when you visit, these trucks are that popular.

Recommendation: Bring wet-wipes and/or hand sanitizer as many of the Shrimp Trucks do not offer a facility to wash your hands after enjoying the delicious meal.

Woman snorkeling among colorful fish
Snorkel in Shark’s Cove

3.  Snorkel in Shark’s Cove:

Snorkeling off the many beautiful beaches on Oahu is one of the most popular of things to do on Oahu.  One of the most visited snorkeling destinations on Oahu is, Shark's Cove at Kalalua Point. The entry is fairly easy, although it is recommended that you wear protective footwear to protect yourself from the sharp reef and rocks.  It is also recommended that you enter the surf carefully, so hold your fins under your arm until you are in deep enough water and then put them on to avoid falling while entering the water.  

When the waves are calm on the North Shore, Sharks Cove is an ideal snorkeling area. But during the Winter months the surf can become rough making it a bit more challenging to snorkel in the cove.

Sharks Cove has many tropical fish and topography but not much variety of coral. Some of the varieties of fish that you can expect to see when snorkeling Sharks Cove include: Boxfish, Butterfly Fish, Drummer Fish, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (yes, this is spelled correctly), Mullet, Needlefish and many more.

You can almost always expect to see some Sea Turtles and if you are lucky you can spot an Octopus or two.  But remember, with all sea life, look but do not touch.

As for the equipment, there are many stores and vendors who will sell and rent all the snorkeling gear that you will need to enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling.  A tip is to visit a local store, not a store that is located right on the beach and buy a package of snorkeling gear. This equipment may cost $15 - $40, but will not typically be the very best quality, but it will be sufficient to enjoy for a few days during your vacation on Oahu. This can be a better option than paying $20 - $40 per rental.

If you have a rental car is it recommended that you toss this snorkeling gear in the trunk of your rental car because you will find that you will discover great beaches that are ideal for a quick but rewarding snorkeling session as you drive around the island.

Sadly, theft is an issue in this area so take precaution, so we recommend that you do not leave valuables in your car and if you must do this, be sure to lock them in your trunk. Also, you can pick up a small waterproof holder for your keys, phone, and other valuables.

Above all, ENJOY yourself when you snorkel on any of the beautiful beaches of Oahu.

There are many, many things to do, see and enjoy during a visit to the North Shore of Oahu, check back often to learn about more things to do during your next visit to Oahu.

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