Mountain on Oahu, Hawaii Food & Wine Festival
September 5, 2017
| By
Cindy L. Smith

Fancy Yourself a Foodie? You Won’t Want to Miss This Oahu Event!

Love fabulous food? Then consider attending the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. This 10-day Oahu Event features some of the world’s best chefs and many exciting activities!

Want to get in good with a foodie? Then bring them to Hawaii to attend the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. This Oahu Event is a dream for anyone who loves good food. Tickets for the most popular events sell out early, so be sure to reserve yours soon!

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival
When: October 20 through November 5, 2017
Where: Various venues
Tel: 808.738.6245

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is a popular Oahu Event. Most of the activities that take place during the 10-day Event sell out well in advance. One of the unique features of the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is that tickets are sold separately to each Activity. That allows attendees to create a custom experience.

Some of the best chefs on the planet come to Oahu to participate in the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. Where else will you find such a concentration of the world’s best culinary talent? Some of the individual Events offer the chance to meet the chefs, watch cooking demonstrations, and enjoy generous samples, and even full meals.

Tickets to each activity are limited, and about 5,000 people are lucky enough to score tickets to the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival each year. The Event is held at several venues, and some feature beautiful, sweeping views. Food excursions to some of the most beautiful spots on Oahu are among the popular activities associated with this Oahu Event.

Attend signature events such as Hawaii Airlines Presents Corks & Forks and Keiki in the Kitchen: Food, Fitness & Fun. Other popular options include wine tastings, wine seminars, panel discussions, after-parties, and much more.

Note that this event is only open to attendees over 21 years of age. No one under that age will be allowed into any of the events at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. If attending some of these activities sounds like a dream come true then reserve your tickets and get ready for a deliciously good time on the beautiful Island of Oahu! Also, browse these Oahu Dining FAQs